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The latest oil and gas news from around the world.
  1. The projects aim to improve the reliability of the power grid through the development of next-generation semiconductor technologies.
  2. The EIA increased its Henry Hub price forecasts for 2023 and 2024 in its latest short term energy outlook.
  3. Balticconnector's capacity for gas from Estonia will expand to 70.5 gWh.
  4. Adnoc through the station will test a fleet of zero-emission vehicles.
  5. The longer it drifts, the more it underscores the challenge that India faces as it seeks to import cheap Russian crude.
  6. 'Our balances point to yet another large U.S. crude build'.
  7. Rigzone speaks to analysts at BMI, Azur Global, IER, and Enverus.
  8. Oil and gas industry players should not rely solely on carbon capture, utilization, and storage technology to meet low carbon targets, the agency said.
  9. The vessels will operate across the Caspian Sea to move Kazakhstan's oil to Azerbaijan, and onward to other global destinations.
  10. The number of Greek-owned tankers going to Russia this month is down 60 percent from June.