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Rigzone Recent News

The latest oil and gas news from around the world.
  1. Italy took a key step toward securing energy independence from Russia.
  2. Last year's reduction alone was equivalent to the gas demand of 80,000 UK homes, according to the NSTA.
  3. Oil jumped the most since early February and restored key technical levels after US government promises to protect bank depositors calmed markets.
  4. Russia has decided to keep its oil production at a reduced level through June
  5. Technology that sucks carbon emissions out of the air would need more energy than used to run the world's homes.
  6. Saipem and Garbo have teamed up on industrialization, development and commercialization of the latter's proprietary plastic recycling technology.
  7. The world's biggest oil traders say they are still avoiding handling Russian crude.
  8. US oil futures plunged to levels not seen since December 2021 on Wednesday.
  9. Governor Gavin Newsom struck a deal Monday with legislative leaders on a proposal to limit how much profit oil companies can make in California.
  10. Russia surpassed Saudi Arabia as China's biggest oil supplier with refiners taking advantage of cheap barrels.