XP-1000 Ton Rotary Slip

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The XP-1000 Extreme Performance Handling System consists of the XP-1000 Hydraulic Double Door Elevator, which is is designed to work as a regular double door except that it opens and closes hydraulically.  The ears are designed such that the elevator has the ability to rotate on and fit on API specified 750 ton and 1000 ton bails.  The rotation allows horizontal racked tubulars to be picked up. 

  • Rated at 1000 tons when using an 18 degree tapered bushing
  • Hydraulically operated through a remote operator’s panel
  • Much smaller in comparison to other 1000 ton elevators
  • Can be used with 750 ton or 1000 ton bails
  • XP-1000 Hydraulic Double Door Elevators are quality, heat-treated steel construction and are capacity rated to API specifications.

The Extreme Performance Slip System was designed for deep water and deep well operations.  The unique design of the slip facilitates equal loading by incorporation machine grooves in the slip body and mating load supporting inserts.  As a result, the string weight is distributed equally throughout the slip body, as opposed to point loading the slip in the toe, a feature which all conventional slips possess.   The combination of the new taper and the extended contact area increases the safe load capacity 173% when compared to conventional slips.


  • Split 37-1/2” Master Bushing
  • Solid Inner Bushing
  • Extended Pipe Contact Area
  • Load Carrying Inserts
  • Automated Operation
  • Modified Slip and Bowl Taper


  • Provides Safe and Rapid Installation
  • Maintains Dimensional Integrity
  • Distributes Load Over a Larger Area
  • Minimizes Slip Failures
  • Reduces Personnel Fatigue/Injuries
  • Significantly Minimizes Slip Crushing Forces